Neighbors and Friends,

All elected officials are in office because we put them there. Once in office they tend to get very comfortable doing the things that are "popular" and get them re-elected. The flooding issue is not popular and this is why we are getting little to no response from the Governor, the senators, representatives and the county. I firmly believe that these folks should be as uncomfortable about their jobs as I am when we all flood. If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving or lack there of, then let's go for God sakes, WAKE UP, send a message to these folks that you're sick and tired and you're not going to take it anymore or we will continue to have more of the same.

They are building on Big Piece and Hollywood and they are required to put these home up high so they are built above the flood level. This will further complicate things for the rest of us when the floods come. They will bring in fill so that they can build the houses up this high. These houses will not flood because they will be elevated, they may not be able to get out of the houses when the floods come and they will definitely not be able to sit outside in the spring and summer due to the even greater infestation of mosquitos that we will have due to the increased flooding (I tried in vain to work in the yard this weekend but the mosquitos won), but they themselves will not flood.

The Governor's commission called for a moratorium on building in the flood plain. I ask, where is the moratorium? Was the governor's commission just a "lunch" commission? Did they just re-hash old ideas from the Army Corps? Have any of the ideas been acted on yet? I received a few letters back from some of our representatives in congress and in one of the letters from a congressman, he told me about all of the things he has done while in office. He has been in office a long time yet he has not been able to solve one of the most important issues, the flooding in the central basin. In fact, not one of these folks who has been in office for a long time has been able to do this, so I have to ask, what have you been doing? I believe that these folks are tired and probably need to rest. Maybe they need some time off to look for other work.

Joe Luzzi